Why Teach Flute Lessons With Us?

There’s a Flute Job Available for You on Our Team – Limited Positions

About Flute Teacher Jobs

Our jobs for flute teachers offer a flexible and independent working environment

Flute teacher jobs with a great pay rates

  • We have researched the pay rates that other Australian flute businesses offer to their flute teachers, and it makes us disappointed to see how low the pay rate is for teaching flute lessons in Australia is in many cases. It is our company goal to raise the flute teachers pay rate bar, and pay our flute tutors a fair and honest rate, based on Australian market averages.
  • Our pay rates for flute teachers vary only by lesson duration.
  • Travel to students’ homes is paid with a simple flat rate per home visited. Our flute teachers have complete control on how far to extend their travel radius, to make sure that the flute lessons will still be worth their time based on the travelling time involved.

Work to your own schedule and create your own flute teaching work hours

  • When you become a flute teacher and join our growing community of teachers we’ll ask you what days and time ranges you would like keep open as options for new incoming flute students.
  • You can continually update your availability with us each semester, so if your situation changes so can your work commitments.
  • All new students are booked for a semester (ie 10 week packages), so as your flute teaching role progresses you will have the opportunity to accept any new student offers usually in your local area as they are offered to you.

    Have full control over your flute teaching job location & travel

    • When completing our job application form, tell us how big a radius from your location you are willing to travel to a students location.
    • Before having a new student allocated, you will have the chance to check the location and travel distance before accepting a new student.
    • If your circumstances change, you can let our teacher co-ordinator know and we’ll update your lesson location details in our system. We’re flexible, and our jobs for flute teachers are designed to adapt to changes.

      Your flute teacher position is protected from last-minute student cancellations

      • Our flute lesson work policies balance flexibility for our students with the utmost respect for our flute teachers’ busy schedule. We’ll make sure you are paid in full for any last-minute student cancellations.
      • For any student lessons that cancel with more than 24 hours’ notice, you will be requested to make up the missed lesson time, in a way that’s convenient for you, be it by rescheduling to a different time in the same week or adding time onto one or more future lessons.
      • Our lesson policies and billing system are systemised so our students can keep a weekly schedule. Very rarely does a student cancel or reschedule flute lessons within the 10 week semester. If frequent cancellations become a problem, we can speak to the student or discontinue their lessons if necessary to make room for another student to be allocated to you who may be more consistent.
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